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Life of the Party!

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

On Saturday Fox and I went to a house party for St. Patrick's Day with people we had never met before, which was completely outside of my comfort zone, but hell we only live once, right! Considering we are quickly becoming more public on our journey I need to become more comfortable with partying with new friends. We dressed up and walked into that party as if we had been there many times before. Fox tends to own any room he walks into for several reasons; his stunning looks, his strong masculine presence and he was wearing a sexy kilt. I immediately went into what I call "Stephanie Mode". For anyone who knows me personally knows exactly what that is, but for others that is when I make everyone feel comfortable, relaxed and ensure that they are having fun by bringing out their shy, hidden elements of their personality. I didn’t know any of these new friends, but we were all going to have a great time.

This was so much fun! We talked, got to know each other’s likes and dislikes, boundaries and absolute hard lines in a fun and playful manner. I could tell there were several friends, including myself, who just wanted to have fun with like-minded people but not necessarily play. Fox and I are natural party starters in many ways, and we ensured it was a great time for all. I even got stuck in a skirt that it took a pit crew to get me out of, but they prevailed. Yes, it was embarrassing but I rolled with it and laughed!

While we didn’t play with other couples, other than some kissing and rubbing, it was one of the best nights that we have had together in a long time. We are fans of house parties and will be doing hosting a show soon on how to host a kick ass house party and we will be inviting several of our favorite party host on the show to tell use their secrets and pointers for hosting a great party!

-Sex Therapist Stephanie Sigler MS,NCC,LPC

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