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Stephanie Sigler MS, NCC, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor, 
Intimacy and Sex Therapist

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Unique to my style of counseling, I also provide outdoor therapy called Walk Talk Therapy. Walk Talk Therapy is just like it sounds-the client and the therapist are outside walking during therapy instead of sitting inside an office. 


Individual Counseling

Everyone needs someone to be there for them when times are tough. I work with adolescents and adults with a wide variety of issues including depression, anxiety and much more. Let me help you live your best life!

Walk Talk Therapy

Unique to my style of counseling, I provide outdoor therapy called Walk Talk Therapy. Get out in nature, discuss and process your difficult times, and get your body and mind in tune.

Online Counseling
HIPPA Compliant ONLINE mental health counseling that allows you to have therapy in the comfort of your own home, no need to leave your house! Too busy to get away from work, you can have a counseling session during your lunch break in the comfort of your office or car.

Infidelity Recovery Counseling

Affairs can happen and I am here to help you navigate what steps to take to repair your relationship if you find yourself in that situation. I am certified through the Infidelity Recovery Institute and I work to help couples repair their marriages/relationships by discovering why and how in order to move forward.

Couples Counseling 

Every relationship has times of distress! Is your marriage in need of a tune up? Did you know that many relationships end due to poor communication? 

Alternative Relationships Counseling

Are you a couple in an alternative relationship dynamic? Swingers, polyamorous, thruples... I know that you are living your best life with the people you love but sometimes issues arise that need to be processed and I specialize in helping navigate your romantic dynamics in a very sex-positive manner.