Therapy and Guidance for Emotional and Sexual Health

"In a world full of choices you have the ability to hand-select a therapist that is perfect for your situation and your individual needs. I feel that the relationship between the therapist and the client is vital for a successful outcome; especially, when working through hard situations. My goal is to provide an environment of healing and wellness where you feel safe to express your concerns, innermost feelings, and share your thoughts when facing your toughest days. Everyone needs someone to listen and provide guidance when facing giants"

- Stephanie Sigler MS, NCC, LPC, PhD ABD

Servicing  those that reside or are currently in
Texas, Arizona, & Florida




Owner, Stephanie Sigler is an entrepreneur with a zest for life and new experiences. She has a passion for helping those she works with discover and live their best lives. Unique to her personality she takes a realistic therapeutic approach when it comes to mental health counseling. Stephanie focuses on problem-solving when working with clients and encourages them to make better choices in order to achieve their determined goals and reach their maximum potential as a person.


In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys skydiving and spending time with her family. She firmly believes that taking time for herself makes her a better counselor and person. Stephanie offers mental health counseling via face-to-face and also through a secure online video to video platform if preferred.


Everyone needs someone to be there for them when times are tough. I work with adolescents and adults with a wide variety of issues including depression, anxiety and much more. Let me help you live your best life!

Every relationship has times of distress! Is your marriage or relationship in need of a tune-up? Did you know that many relationships end due to poor communication or lack of understanding? 

Are you a couple in an alternative relationship dynamic? Swingers, polyamorous, thruples... I know that you are living your best life with the people you love but sometimes issues arise that need to be processed and I specialize in helping navigate your romantic dynamics in a very sex-positive manner.

HIPAA Compliant ONLINE mental health counseling that allows you to have therapy in the comfort of your own home, no need to leave your house! Too busy to get away from work, you can have a counseling session during your lunch break in the comfort of your office or car.


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