Stephanie Sigler MS, NCC, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor, 
Intimacy and Sex Therapist

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                              Reviews & Endorsements

Client Reviews


Couples Client 


Stephanie is just what we needed - she's tough, direct, and gives us tools we need to step outside our situation and make better choices

Individual Client


Stephanie is a great counselor, I've just started to work with her but I am looking forward to more sessions

Couples Client


Stephanie Sigler shows strong support and provides helpful counseling. At my rock bottom she helped lift myself up and learn how to process my emotionally trauma

Couples Client


Stephanie is easy to talk to and extremely helpful! She's made a huge difference in our marriage already. I highly recommend her

Individual Client


She is very professional and kind. She has been understanding and offered many solutions or coping techniques to solve the issues I have been having. I'm extremely satisfied and would happily recommend her to some one in need

Individual Client


I feel like Stephanie has taken the time to understand my situation and is offering me different tools to help me face my challenges.

Couple Client


She is exactly what we needed and helping us be able to raise our daughter and get our independence back. I feel she understands both my partner and me

Individual Client


She's a delight!

Individual Client


Stephanie is completely amazing, I feel so blessed to have found her!

Individual Client


Stephanie is incredibly insightful. She is so professional, but also knows when a bit of levity is needed in a conversation. It must be exhausting, but she does it well. There’s been a marked improvement in my relationship, and it’s almost entirely because of Stephanie’s counselling. A thousand thanks!

Couple Client


Stephanie is an excellent counselor. She is insightful about our issues and helpful in coming up with ways to alleviate both short-term and long-term problems. We always appreciate her advice and her honesty.

Individual Client


I feel like Stephanie has taken the time to understand my situation and is offering me different tools to help me face my challenges.

Professional Endorsements


Carly Schneider


"Stephanie has been a great counselor. Often I refer others to her because of her unique and helpful perspective"

Craig Chacon


"As a certified Crisis Intervention Law Enforcement Officer I feel Ms. Sigler is an inspiration to work with. Her approach allows those I refer to be open and seek an approach that works for them"

Jennifer Mason

MEd, LPC-, S

"I have seen Stephanie work with caring attention and tenacity to help families heal and communicate more effectively"